a travel update. {vintage destination wedding photography}



in truth, this post has been needing to happen for a long time. i was just too busy traveling (haha) to get it finished the past two months.

in a perfect world, my travel calendar over there on the right-hand side of the page, would be updated as soon as i book a session that requires travel. but i’ve updated it at last!  very much subject to change at any given moment. : )

this year i’ll be headed to europe twice (!!) and i’m quite excited. the first trip is more of a holiday, with a tiny bit of work thrown in there. but the second trip includes work in italy and germany, with the hopes that i can rummage something up for austria and the czech republic. i’ve never been to either and would love to go! i’ll probably be there anyway, work or not. : )  but if you are located in mainland europe and want some photographs (or know someone who does) – i’d love to know about it! please don’t hesitate to contact me.

i also love meeting with planners and bloggers and photographers, so don’t hesitate to contact me about that either!

remember how amazing europe was in 2012?!


in other news, i’m looking to expand my market in the united states as well! after the transition to new york, my opportunities here have continued to grow. the work is also staying strong in many of the areas i’ve traveled to at this point. texas remains one of my top travel destinations, and as i’m sure you’ve figured out, that makes me so happy.

as i’ve been thinking about places i have yet to see, or friends that i’d love to visit, i thought i would put together a little map of destinations i’m particularly looking to book. if you live in one of these places, and would like a bit of joyeuse photography, i’m happy to come to you. and to give you a nice little discount as well. : )




so all you people in portland, san diego, phoenix, albuquerque, denver, new orleans, chicago, nashville, and savannah- hit me up!


that’s all for now. : )