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Where are you based? 

I am based out of both Brussels, Belgium and New York City, NY. Being so close to Paris while in Brussels, I also do work in Paris and all over Europe. From New York City, it’s a quick flight to anywhere in the US. Finally, I spend a good deal of time in Texas, where I’m from- so you can say I’m a bit based everywhere! 🙂

Vous habitez où?

Je habite à Bruxelles donc je fais des photos à Bruxelles et Paris. Mais je viens des États-Unis et je prends des photos à New York aussi. 

Do you photograph outside of Brussels, Paris, and New York?

Absolutely! I am available for travel to photograph weddings and elopements within Europe and the United States.

Pouvez-vous voyager pour mon mariage?

Bien sûr! Je voyage (les week-ends) pour les mariages partout en Belgique, Europe, et les États-Unis.

What are your prices?

There is a basic overview of my pricing here. Once you fill out the contact form and get in touch with me, I will send you an online welcome packet with very detailed information.

Où est-ce que je peux trouver vos tarifs?

Vous pouvez voir les tarifs “basic” ici. Contactez-moi pour toutes les options.

Which languages do you speak?

I am a native english speaker and my french is improving all the time.   If you want to work in French, it only requires a little patience on your part! 😉

Vous parlez quelles langues?

Anglais et français. Mais si vous voulez que je parle français, il faut que vous soyez patient. 😉

How long have you been a photographer?

I began photographing weddings in 2010! When I started my business, I jumped in head first, so I have been photographing as the main photographer since I first began.

Vous êtes photographe depuis combien de temps? 

Depuis 2010! 

How long after my wedding/photo shoot will I receive the images?

For weddings, the time frame is generally 3-6 weeks, 8 weeks in extreme circumstances. For portrait sessions, the time frame is usually 1-2 weeks, 4 weeks in extreme circumstances.

Quand aurais-je mes photos?

Les photos mariages seront finis après 3-6 semaines. Pour les séances photos, 1-2 semaines. 

Can I share my photographs online and publish on blogs?

I would be thrilled if you did! If you share on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, please tag me on the photo. If you share anywhere else, please include a link to my website. And if you are interested in your weddings or photos being published on a blog- that is easily coordinated as well! You can submit the photos yourself with my information, or we can work together to do so.

Pourrais-je partager mes photos sur Facebook et les blogs?

Oui! Si vous partagez vos photos, veuillez marquer Joyeuse Photography ou @tahni_joy – merci! Si les photos sont publiées sur un blog, il faut inclure le lien pour mon site web. 

Will I receive all the photos you take?

You will receive all the high resolution photos that I edit. I take great care to hand pick each photo, and then edit it individually. There are no “good photographs” that I will miss or not edit for you. 🙂 For the boudoir and headshot photo shoots, you will receive a proof gallery online to choose which photos I will edit.

Recevrais-je toutes les photos?

Vous recevrez toutes les photos retouchées en haute définition. Je choisirai les meilleures photos, donc vous ne manquerez rien. 🙂 Pour les séances boudoir et headshot, vous recevrez une galerie pour choisir vos photos préférées. 

What is your working style?

I am extremely laid back. I like to describe my style as organic, authentic, free-spirited, and timeless. I’m also only interested in photographing authentic moments. If I accidentally miss something, I may ask you to repeat it, but other than that- I will not take any posed or fake moments. During portrait sessions and the couple photo portion of your wedding, I will help pose you and make suggestions that are most flattering to you.

Pouvez-vous définir votre style?

Moi, je suis très décontractée quand je travaille. Je dis que mon style est bohémien, authentique, intemporel, et un peu flou. Je ne m’intéresse que les moments authentiques, par conséquence – je ne fais pas des moments faux ou posés.  Je vous aide pendant les portraits- juste pour les poses les plus avantageux.

I’m ready to discuss my wedding or photo shoot ideas with you. What do I do?

Woo! Just go ahead and fill out the contact form on the top of the page, or send me an email using the brown email button along the right side. 🙂 I’m happy to answer any more questions you may have!

Je vous choisis! Qu’est-ce qu’il faut faire?

🙂! N’hésitez pas me contacter! 


creative wedding photography - joyeuse photography