i heart new york {day three}

thursday i took 626 photographs, making my total 1,173! i could not believe how short a time it took me.

thursday was also my favorite day of the trip. so many beautiful things to photograph.

i also:

hung around outside near the lincoln center watching the fashionistas and others go in and out of fashion shows.

went shopping on 5th avenue- such a treat.

spent a little more money than i had intended.

but ended up with a beautiful dress from anthropologie to wear while i photograph weddings this summer/fall. (and from the store that won design awards no less!)

went out in public without pants on for the first time in my life. (read: wore leggings with a long shirt.)

felt at home amongst many cultures surrounded by the flags in rockefeller center.

heard more french and spanish than i did english.

walked around the brooklyn heights, and therefore discovered where i wish i lived.

happened upon an awesome used bookstore where i found people of the book, a book i am now reading. oh! and for those of you who read my blog, i finished book 1 of 6 for the year!

walked across the brooklyn bridge to manhattan and experienced my favorite moment of my entire trip. cityscapes at night are my favorite view. period.

ate falafel for the first time in my life. yum!

and here is my favorite photo(s) from the day, again i couldn’t choose just one.