laura and carson’s rustic winter wedding. {charlottesville creative wedding photography}

I don’t have enough kind words to say about these people and this wedding. It was so filled with joy, and so brimming with life, that I had one of those moments. You know the ones. The moments when despite all the sorrow and suffering in the world, you believe it’s all worth it. Because along with a heart that knows that sorrow, so can a heart know the fullness of joy, and hope, and love.  And that’s where Laura and Carson step in. You can expect to see a lot of smiles. If I’ve ever captured the true sentiment of day, it’s in these photos.

You can also expect to see more dancing photos than I have ever posted in my life. And that’s because there is no rival to this dance party. None. And I’ve been to a lot of dance parties. People were flying through the air, jumping roping in the middle of the floor, doing flips, throwing around make-believe rave balls, surfing on each other, challenging each other to duels, and just completely rocking out.

What I really want you to see, is the hope and the joy and the beautiful things in life.