liz and nathan. {houston tx creative wedding photography}

a couple weeks ago, i had the sweet opportunity to photograph the wedding of one of my best friends. liz and i were brought together in really difficult periods of our lives, and were given the grace to conquer life together. she is by far my silliest and most playful friend. but she is also the person that i can tell everything to. and she will never ever judge me or make me feel like the crazy person i think i am. if anyone’s wedding reflects their personality more than liz and nathan’s- i have yet to see it.

we also bonded over our love of squirrels, and i was so delighted to see her incorporate them everywhere. also, please please take notice of the ring-bearer, it’s my favorite. but really, all her details are full of color and playfulness. and so much life. i couldn’t stop myself from posting most of the wedding party photos- they are just too funny not to share. and the cake? well, you just have to see it to believe it.

i hope you take the time to get to know liz and nathan through their sweet wedding photos. : )