Midnight in Paris // Vintage Photographe Paris

With my recent relocation to Europe, and my new status as a “photographe Paris et Bruxelles,” I’ve been wanting to revisit some of my favorite work that I did in Europe a few years back, before I ever knew that I would be moving here!

This séance couple is more than just one of my favorite shoots that I have done in Europe, it is perhaps one of my favorite shoots of all time. After seeing the movie Midnight in Paris, I was pretty obsessed. I wanted to visit Montmartre, but I also wanted to re-create the idyllic beauty that the movie stirred within me.

Maïwenn and I met earlier in the day to do a few portraits around Paris. Then when Ben got home, they changed into their 20s dress and suit and we headed to the quaint cobbled streets of Montmartre.

When I did this shoot with Maïwenn and Ben, I had no idea that only two years later, I would return to France to capture their French Wedding in a Castle and their Cérémonie Civile à la Mairie.

I hope there are many more photo shoots in the future M & B!


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though i planned on doing my full update today, unfortunately i ran out of time. so i’ll have to include it on the post from my other paris session!