praha; a vintage-inspired fashion editorial. {prague creative editorial photography}

this past summer, after making plans to photograph a vintage destination wedding in tuscany, i had the opportunity to connect with the wonderful people of Chiffon & Champagne in prague! it was my first trip to prague and it was so much better than i had imagined it could be! i wanted to take a million photos, but i opted to just enjoy it instead. thankfully, i had a gracious friend (who i met in paris via couchsurfing last year!) who showed me the city- mostly in the form of its quirks and without too much time at the typical tourist attractions.

if you do get a chance to go, you must stay at Sir Toby’s Hostel- even if hosteling isn’t your thing. it is the most lovely/vintage place i have ever stayed! (and for $9 a night, how can you resist?!)

with all my current travel, i only have time to post a few of my favorites- but they are beautiful nonetheless. : ) happy hump day!