Strumpet; an autumn lookbook. {new york city creative fashion editorial photography}

when glynnis came to me with this idea for Strumpet‘s autumn look book, i could hardly wait to bring it to life. the first summer look book had been simple in concept, yet so much fun to shoot, that i was beyond excited for this one.

destroying the piñatas was a blast (yes, i had to partake), and eating all the candy was even better. ami, the model, and i definitely went home sick to our stomachs from sweets. in the best way.

the best part of the shoot for me was that ami didn’t wear any makeup, didn’t get her hair done, didn’t need anything. i think what comes out in these photographs is how truly wearable the clothes are and how they can be worn by women of all sizes. i love that Strumpet represents a woman who knows what she wants, who is confident yet playful, and that even someone as small as me (5’2″) can look great in their clothes.

and perhaps the most exciting news is that Strumpet’s brick and mortar shop opens this weekend in Carroll Gardens, here in Brooklyn!