the brooks family. {new york creative home and lifestyle photography}

Maybe it’s a bad idea to admit this on my public website, but…I’m not a trained photographer. Like, at all. But that’s not to say that the training I do have doesn’t contribute to whatever kind of photographer I am.

As I tarry on through the “long” winter in new york, I’ve allowed renewal to come in the form of fresh vision for Joyeuse photography.   Plenty of time has been spent on planes, trains, and late-night caffeine-induced work days. My recent trip to the UK & Ireland just continued to inspire me!

The longer I do this thing that I really only meant to try, the more I see it relate to the passions I can claim.

In my academic life, I was a culture enthusiast, a purveyor of languages, a collector of human experiences.

And now I see that my goal in photography is the same.

Collecting human experiences, and the culture that pervades them, and reformatting them into a visual display of the aforementioned.

So that’s what I mean to do. I can’t say yet exactly how it will change. All I can say is that I sense it.


To kick things off, here is the Brooks family and Lindsey’s beautiful home!