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My first boudoir session as a photographe bruxelles was a major success! I can not get over the images that came from our session, including the furry little model who stole the show. 😉

Besides the fact that this is Europe and every backdrop here in Brussels or Paris proves to be romantic and beautiful, for photography that necessarily happens indoors, I couldn’t ask for a better setting. Filled with light and accompanied by high ceilings and large windows, Brussels is perfect for boudoir photography and intimate, romantic portraits.

This session was particularly fun, being that she was creative in her outfit choices. In this session it is obvious that sexiness is not just in wearing lingerie or being seductive, but in confidence and the way she carries herself. I love the images that emerged from our time together and the way they express femininity and joy and confidence.

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I read recently that being a destination wedding photographer is in a top 25 list of most desirable jobs! I think I have to agree. It goes without saying that getting to travel to beautiful destinations and partake in a party for your job is pretty much the bees knees. And I love that part of it. But what I love most about these kind of weddings is the special connection that happens between all the guests at the wedding, and my opportunity to do that as well. The bonding that happens when everyone travels thousands of miles to attend a wedding is unlike any other.:)Plus- who would complain about 4 days on a resort and 4 days in Tulum? If you haven’t been to Tulum, GO!!

Lorena and Brad’s wedding took place at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The resort was incredibly beautiful and even with many other guests on the resort, the wedding location on the beach was private and lovely. Lorena and Brad are inspired by lots of color, and have such a sweet and quirky relationship. I absolutely loved them and their friends and families.  I think my favorite details were the bride’s lacy destination wedding dress, and the bright and colorful bridesmaid dresses.

Happy weekend!


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I can’t help but feature many elopements on the blog here. Something about the intimate setting of a city hall wedding and the authenticity of the whole experience makes me believe in love and humanity. Courtney and Eric decided to elope in New York City, rather than have a Paris elopement (their current home) and I was so lucky to get to be their photographer. We are definitely soul mates, and a trip to Paris is in order ASAP.

We bonded over style, design, love of French and Europe, animals, milkshakes…basically the only things in life that matter. And! I’m obsessed with her unique engagement ring and beautiful wedding band. Sigh. I also love a bride who wears a blush wedding dress. Courtney could do no wrong.

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I must have said over and over “this is the life!” – the day that Rebecca, Arie, and I spent in New York City this spring, capturing them in their New York lifestyle. It was the last session I photographed in New York City before moving here to Bruxelles, and it was the perfect way to go out in style. 😉

When they contacted me about a lifestyle photography session, I insisted that what we do for the shoot be similar to what they love to do together. We began the day in their apartment with homemade brunch, because duh brunch. A few apĂ©ros (it was 5 o’clock in Brussels right?!), some berries, and best of all- crĂȘpes! Arie claims to be a crĂȘpe expert, I have to say that I agree.:)

After that- we took a stroll and did a little dancing in Central Park, and then ended the morning in their favorite Upper East Side Italian cafe for some cappuccinos (another favorite!)  I had the privilege of being the photographer for their Italy Destination Wedding, so having coffee, italian-style, was a nice little reunion activity.

Happy Friday!

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(SĂ©ance Photo Lifestyle Ă  New York – Photographe Portrait Bruxelles)

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I know Christmas is long gone, and no one is wishing for warmer weather and summer more than me, but Sara and Charlie are the kind of people that I have to blog about. They are magical people. I want to be Sara when I grow up. Besides the fact that I am obviously in love with Sara and Charlie, their wedding was a stunner. The kind of wedding that I suspect will make it to the blog and magazine circuit. Plus, many of you who are having winter weddings are probably in the throes of all your planning right now. So this post is likely well-timed…


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