Whimsical Rustic Wedding on a Horse Farm – Kim & Brian

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if you wanted to know the things in life (not counting relationships) that are most important to me, that is my short list. so when i showed up to kim and brian’s wedding, and realized i would spend the day frolicking with animals, i was elated.

the animals were enthralling, but what really made the wedding special were kim and brian. you probably feel like i write that a lot on here, and i must be lucky. but there was something about their love, and the people they surround themselves with that really moved me. during the ceremony, in between camera clicks, i found myself wiping away tears. it was obvious to me that kim and brian are meant for each other, that they love each other, and that this love is real. it inspired me.

it was an incredible and whimsical wedding to photograph, but it’s even better to have people i consider to be lifelong friends.

(PS- the lobster rolls were to die for, y’all.)