ayumi & matt, a central park elopement. {new york city creative elopement photography}

i’ve decided that elopements are my favorite thing to photograph. then again, i love ethereal feminine styled shoots as well. neither here nor there.

ayumi and matt contacted me, wanting something vintage-inspired and unique. they have excellent taste. kate spade & tiffany’s made an appearance and i felt like a glamourous photographer for a hot minute. : ) but beyond the style, and the classic new york feel, their little ceremony was so sweet.  it felt like the kind of thing you see in movies except that i got to witness matt and ayumi actually living it. it’s a breath of fresh air, this love that is so intimate. no frills, no show, just romance. i think i fell a little bit in love…



makeup: Dallas Williams, http://www.dallaswilliams-makeup.com/

officiant: Christoper Frost Shelley, http://www.illuminatingceremonies.com/