Photographe Bruxelles // Photos de Boudoir Glamour

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My first boudoir photography session in Brussels was a major success! I can not get over the images that came from our session, including the furry little model who stole the show. 😉

Besides the fact that this is Europe and every backdrop here in Brussels or Paris proves to be romantic and beautiful, for photography that necessarily happens indoors, I couldn’t ask for a better setting. Filled with light and accompanied by high ceilings and large windows, Brussels is perfect for boudoir photography and intimate, romantic portraits.

This session was particularly fun, being that she was creative in her outfit choices. In this session it is obvious that sexiness is not just in wearing lingerie or being seductive, but in confidence and the way she carries herself. I love the images that emerged from our time together and the way they express femininity and joy and confidence.