carol & ryan’s wintry anthropologie-inspired wedding. {texas vintage wedding photography}

it’s really hard for any wedding that takes place in texas to disappoint me. and in honor of texas independence day, which was march 2nd for all you non-texans (and texans who need to pull yourselves together), i shot a wedding in texas (hehehe). also, i thought i’d post another recent texas wedding from early january.

and i promise you, it will not disappoint. if you’re a bride or a planner looking for inspiration, this is the wedding for you.

carol is pretty much the picture of an anthropologie bride. and her style amazes me. this post is a bit detail-filled, but you’ll thank me. i think my favorite part was the dessert table. hands down, the best one i’ve ever seen put together.  i’m also pretty obsessed with her dress. i’m also a big fan of her green wedding shoes. : )