Dreamy Bohemian Dance Portraits // Los Angeles Creative Photography

First of all, it’s ridiculous that I even had the opportunity to work with dancer/actress Jenni Thomasson on my recent trip to Los Angeles.

Obviously, I knew from the moment that we first began talking about mermaid-esque bohemian dance portraits in Malibu, that the photos would be unreal.  But I think the word that comes to mind when I go back through all the photos we created together is breathtaking. The setting, the sunlight, and particularly, Jenni herself.

I don’t know how obvious it is to my audience, but I don’t airbrush my photographs. I never have. Part of that may be because I haven’t spent a lot of time studying up on it. The real reason, however, is because I want to be an advocate for natural beauty.  Right after being asked what kind of photography I do, and if I make enough money (why do people always assume photographers are incapable of making a decent living?), the most common question I get is- “what do you love to shoot?”

I’m working on articulating my response in a more eloquent way, but I usually just say that I love to photograph women. Portraits, boudoir, head shots, bridals. All of it! I love the inherent beauty that each woman possesses, and I love even more to see women relax and open up in front of the camera. I think we should own our beauty.

Not every angle or every pose is going to be flattering to every woman. It certainly isn’t for me, but I always want to stress to my clients that it’s not about that. And as fun as it is to travel to Los Angeles, soak up the sunshine, and photograph someone- my favorite part of the job is delivering the photographs. To be a small part in a woman recognizing her beauty and beginning (or continuing) to own it is absolutely my favorite part of the job. I know I’m supposed to love the journey, or something cliché like that, but I really really love the finished product and the way it builds women up. In a world filled with so much ugliness, I want us to reinforce the parts that are beautiful. (And there are many!)

My friend Marylyn is always encouraging me that one of my strengths is to seek beauty in the world and illuminate it for others. I always get emotional during those conversations. In a way, she begins this process of the reinforcement of beauty. It starts with her words, inspires me, and helps me carry the process forward to others. I wonder, if we start with showing women how beautiful they are, how can this manifest into something much larger, beyond ourselves?

Anyway, I’ve gotten far off topic. Jenni is absolutely stunning. Her body moves in ways that reminds me of how incredibly beautiful the world is.


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