Iceland Wedding Photographer // Spontaneous Icelandic Engagement

In a surprising twist from the universe, I received an email on Tuesday from Katelyn, looking for an Iceland wedding photographer. She and Larry knew almost immediately after they met that they were right together, and after some more time, they spontaneously decided to come to Iceland to make it official. Of course I was thrilled to return to Iceland, but I had no idea how lovely it would be to spend the day with them, taking Iceland as it came at us- stumbling upon amazing restaurants, getting charged by Icelandic horses, soaked by waterfalls, and dancing in the car, surrounded by insane beauty.

Not only did they have me constantly laughing, but they have impeccable style. I apologize in advance for my mild obsession with their shoes. But it’s difficult not to fall in love with sparkly Christian Louboutins, a vintage Harry Winston diamond, or really anything sparkly for that matter, and Katelyn sparkles a lot!

Many thanks to Vík Hostel for giving us a room last minute to get ready for the shoot. 😉

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