lauren; a dream. {south carolina vintage wedding photography}

as an artist, and as a storyteller, i’m always trying to bring you, my audience, into the moment as i felt it.

this is one of those sessions that i managed to capture in a way that i believe you all can see what i saw, what i experienced. 

when i first saw lauren, and when i felt the thickness of hope and possibility in the air, and while the sun was gracing anderson, south carolina with ethereal perfection, i knew where this session was going.

i saw in it, a dream. it felt special and hopeful. i became part of lauren and scofield’s dream, their love.

and just in case you aren’t naturally adept at entering art to find the story, real or imagined, i modeled this session after a dream. lauren and scofield have known each other for a loooooong time. and i know this wedding, this marriage, was and is a dream of hers. and i hope you can see how special it is.



their wedding is coming soon. and prepare yourself, it’s one of the best. ever.