vintage-inspired new york wedding photography: bethany and jerod.

Brace yourself. No really, you need to.

If I could live in the setting and fashion of anyone’s wedding- it would be Bethany and Jerod’s. The fact that it took place in New York City only helps the cause.

Despite the craziness of Manhattan’s traffic- this wedding came together like something out of a dream. Bethany’s vision is unlike any other I have seen, and the exuberant joy of her smile when she is around Jerod spreads like wildfire to anyone who comes in contact with them. Their wedding touched the hearts of everyone who attended, and their style inspired me like crazy.

The hardest part was managing to continue taking photographs while I was crying my eyes out as Bethany came down the aisle to “Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons.

Of all the vintage-inspired weddings, I think this one takes the cake. Maybe I’m biased, but you can be the judge of that.

Heather, Bethany’s aptly named wedding doula- handmade her dress and helped with so much of the wedding- she deserves a shout-out. Bethany and her friends and family crafted a truly DIY wedding- and the details are magnificent. Everything from the wedding cake, to the peacock hairpieces, to the amazing boutonnieres were handmade by these creative people.

Bethany and her maids were outfitted in dresses from (or inspired by) the 50s and 60s and a “peacock palette.” To die for. Enjoy! I suspect the wedding world will love these two, and I’m so honored to call myself their photographer and hopefully, their friend.

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