jaimie and will’s whimsical winter wedding. {texas vintage wedding photography}

there is no reason to write about how this might be the most thoughtful, artistic, and beautiful wedding i’ve ever been a part of.  and if today really is the last day of earth, this wedding should definitely be shared.

you really just have to see it.

jaimie’s dress is from 1942! and i can’t believe how wonderful it looks on her. i really just couldn’t believe how beautiful jaimie and will both were. and how much i could sense their love for each other.

all the bridesmaids’ dresses are also vintage. i’m not really sure how jaimie and her mom found them all. or how they managed to collect and build everything they did for this wedding. but it is nothing short of amazing. jaimie and will are nothing short of amazing.

do enjoy this whimsical winter wedding, and have a merry christmas too! see you on the other side.