megan & dan’s vintage virginia stables wedding. {bohemian wedding photography}

when i left megan and dan’s wedding, i was buzzing with good vibes. everyone, and i mean everyone, was so friendly, and so fun- and i couldn’t get enough!

not to mention, it was a creative feast for the eyes. the flowers were probably my favorite flowers ever, and i took an obscene amount of photos everything. all of megan’s ideas were perfectly executed and the result was just so lovely.  it’s easy to see in the photos how happy of a day it was, how fun the friends and family were, and maybe even how much i enjoyed myself.

and that’s not even mentioning how much i fell in love with megan and dan. i definitely left feeling like i wish we lived closer and could be friends in real life.

i could go on and on about them, but you should really just look at the photos.