Remote Work Under the Sun in the Canary Islands

A few months back I wanted to run a personal life experiment, and also get started on some ideas I was having in combining my budding anthropological research project and photography, while investigating transformational travel experiences and the entrepreneurs who create them. At the same time, I had a personal need to learn Spanish and a personal desire to learn to surf.  In doing a bit of research for the perfect location, I came across Spanish and Surf Fuerteventura which gave me the option for coliving, surfing and Spanish lessons, and the opportunity for remote work in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.  I was working on a number of artistic and research outputs while I was there, but I figured I would share some of my favorite photos that document what my experience was like during my time in Fuerteventura.

coliving in corralejo fuerteventuracoliving in corralejo fuerteventura



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